Choosing the Best Electric Hospital Bed for your needs in Melbourne.

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June 8, 2018
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September 4, 2018

Choosing the best electric adjustable bed for your needs can be a demanding task in Melbourne but at Unique Care we are here to make the process as easy as possible. We have made a list of things to consider which will help you decide on the best and most suitable electric adjustable beds for your needs.

The Bed

It is important to keep in mind that a new electric adjustable bed is a great investment that creates a safer and happier environment for the owner. When deciding on a specific electric hospital bed in Melbourne make sure you seek family support and qualified medical advice to understand what your electric adjustable bed needs to provide you with. Keep in mind where the bed will be placed to ensure there is a suitable space.

The Functions

The best adjustable beds in Melbourne and Australia offer three main features or functions, allowing the head and feet to be moved up and down independently and the ability to move the entire bed up and down. This function means that caretakers don’t have to lean over the electric hospital bed to help the patient. If you have a bariatric patient a specially designed bariatric bed will provide the best functions to promote comfort and safety.

Being able to move your electric hospital bed up higher and down lower also enables more independent patients to get in and out of bed easier, or even help them stand up. Electric adjustable beds can also be used to ensure the safety of those who are at significant risk of falling out of bed, by reducing the height from which they could fall.

The Patient’s weight

When purchasing an electric hospital bed make sure to keep the weight of the patient in mind, Unique Care’s Bariatric Ward electric adjustable bed is a safe and comfortable option for patients weighing up to 350 kg. This bed can be customised in colour or woodgrains and optional extras may be added, such as removable bed sticks which make it even easier to get in and out of your new bariatric bed.

The Mattress

Once you’ve decided on an electric adjustable bed to suit your needs, it is best to think about the comfort of the patient when selecting a mattress as well as the size of their bed. Unique Care stocks a number of mattresses for many different needs which can be sized to any electric hospital bed, our Pressure Sensitive Mattresses are also available with high sides to meet the requirements of patients whilst still fitting with our electric adjustable beds.

Railings and Accessories

Once you’ve chosen the best possible electric bed for your needs, consider any extras that may improve the mobility and comfort of your patient including, over bed tables, self-help poles, and bed sticks. Each of these accessories can be added to any of our electric adjustable beds to improve the safety and comfort of your patient.

When each of these elements is well considered you can be sure you are choosing one of the best adjustable beds in Melbourne which will create a safer, healthier and happier environment for those in need of an electric hospital bed.


If you would like to discuss an electric adjustable bed, contact our Melbourne office today.

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