Encouraging a New Approach to Aged Care in Australia

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November 12, 2018
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January 15, 2019

The thought of an aged care home, hospital or rehabilitation centre is often accompanied with a less than pleasing image of a drab room, metal frames on an aged care bed and a dull, hospital bed-ridden lifestyle. The idea of purchasing, or moving into a typical electric hospital or aged care bed can be disheartening, as a person moves out of the comfort of their stylish home and into a foreign environment.  

Practical, stable and safe, electrical hospital beds are often remembered as a bed covered in wires and surrounded by metal barricades. These electric hospital and Aged Care Beds are highly functional and are effective in protecting delicate bodies in their process of rehabilitation, recovery and offer supportive, protective sleep overnight.

While these Electrical hospital beds offer incredible support and are widely used due to practicality and functionality, it is important to begin to explore different options for different needs. When moving a loved one, or yourself into an aged care home, it is important to highlight that an aged care home is not a place to wither away.

Aged care homes are placing a stronger emphasis on the lifestyle of its residents. Moving from a solely clinical focus, aged care facilities are hoping to encourage healthy, active and social lifestyles for its residents, thus providing an environment that is more uplifting and beneficial to the mental health of residents.

In order to achieve an overall more holistic, lifestyle-focused environment, these facilities are making improvements to the infrastructure of the rooms in which residents live, beginning with installing new electric adjustable beds. Everyone knows that without feeling comfortable and happy in their own space, it is difficult to begin each day positively.

At Unique Care Australia, we are working to change the attitude that people have when considering purchasing aged care beds, electric adjustable beds and the choice to move into a care home. To achieve this, we offer a range of electrical hospital beds that adhere to all the necessary health and support requirements, while sporting a more inviting, attractive bed-frame.  

It is important to highlight the difference between moving into a hospital and an aged care home, and this begins in the bedroom. Our range of Homecare Beds come with a choice of wood stained bed heads that are available in multiple shapes with matching bedside tables. Our Artisan range has geometric and organic designs that can be completely customised to whatever design is desired.

Small touches like a bed frame on a fully functional and supportive electric hospital bed can be the difference that creates a positive mind-frame and lifestyle when transitioning into an aged care facility or rehabilitation centre.

To discuss pricing individual or wholesale purchases contact Unique Care Australia today.

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