How the Best Adjustable Beds in Australia Can Positively Change your Health and Happiness

Moving Yourself or a Loved one into an Age Care Home in Australia
February 27, 2019

It’s simple. An electric adjustable bed will improve the quality of your sleep. As our sleeping habits affect our health, overall happiness and the strength of our immune system, switching your loved ones, patients or self onto electric adjustable beds can be incredibly beneficial to their recovery or everyday life.

Electric adjustable beds should not just be pigeonholed as electric hospital beds. Their purpose is ten-fold and the benefits of introducing an electric adjustable bed start with better sleep and better health which results in an overall increase in happiness.


As the name suggests, an electric adjustable bed can be adjusted to cater to any comfort needs you may have. Sleeping on the best adjustable beds in Australia can help alleviate overbearing symptoms that may be making sleeping difficult. Insomnia can be caused by a number of contributing factor like anxiety, injury or illness.

Sleeping on electric adjustable beds means you can adjust the bed to reduce any pain you may have, improve the circulation of blood flow and oxygen which ultimately will allow you to fall asleep faster and deeper.


For those who suffer from back pain, electricl adjustable beds are an excellent remedy. As the electric hospital beds can be adjusted at both the head and the feet one can adjust the bed to alleviate pressure on the sciatic nerve and support the spine. To relieve lower back pain and prevent neck aches slant the head at a 45-degree angle.

Sleeping with a slightly raised head on an electric adjustable bed has many more benefits than just alleviating back pain. Snoring, asthma and sleep apnea can all be combated with an electric adjustable bed. Sleeping on an angled position improves airflow by reducing obstruction to the nasal passage allowing uninterrupted and healthier sleep.

Electric adjustable beds can help pregnant women or those who suffer from swollen legs by allowing legs to be supportively and correctly elevated.  Elevated legs will help combat issues such as varicose veins and swelling and inflammation.

Eating during the day means that your body will try to digest while you sleep. Digestion is has been shown to be hindered from laying flat as it makes the body struggle to process food.  

Furthermore, electric adjustable beds can help lessen and prevent acid reflux and heartburn. By inclining the head a slight 6-8 inches keeps acid away from the throat and in the stomach and assists you to achieve the healthiest digestion experience.


Sleeping on one of the best adjustable beds in Australia will impact your mind and happiness beyond just giving you a good night sleep. Whether it be an electric hospital bed, or just an adjustable electric bed in your own home, adjustable beds give an opportunity to be more independent to those suffering from health issues.

Regaining independence enhances one’s lifestyle and can help them feel more in control and mentally capable. It is inconvenient to always have to ask for the help of another person to feel comfortable, and sometimes no matter instructions, no one knows what you need as you do.

The freedom to adjust your own bed and be as comfortable as you can make yourself means you won’t have to rely on others to get the good nights sleep that you deserve.

For better sleep, health and happiness contact us to create an appointment where we can discuss your electric adjustable bed needs.

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