How to Make your Hospital Bed More Comfortable During your Stay in a Melbourne or Geelong Hospital

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December 14, 2018
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If you need to spend an extended period of time in a hospital often means you will be spending a lot of time in your Electric Hospital Bed. Although the idea is unappealing, you can make your stay in hospital as comfortable as possible.

Make your electrical hospital bed feel like home

Staying in a bed that isn’t your own is always difficult. It feels strange, the lumps aren’t where you are used to having them and you might not have your favourite throw rug that reminds you of a healthier time. The good thing is you are encouraged to bring your own pillows from home. Not only will they make your electrical adjustable bed feel more like a king-sized plush bed, but will also bring you a familiar comfort from home and make your hospital bed more welcoming.

Add a touch of cotton

Lying in bed all day is exhausting, and even if you aren’t doing much physically during recover you still work up a sweat. This can lead you to feel uncomfortable when you are lying in your electric hospital bed and you can feel the protective layer of plastic on your body. Ask your nurse to add a cotton blanket between. It will create a world of difference to your comfort levels.

Speak up!

When in hospital, you spend hours after hours  Did you know your electric adjustable bed is in fact, adjustable? Not just on the lumbar support and as a backrest, but most electric hospital beds in Australia can actually be adjusted to be longer.

If you are suffering from a sore back from lying down or day, or feel that you are stiff when you wake up to speak to your nurse or doctor about the mattress you are lying on. Although hospital beds usually are equipped for the right mattress per your needs, you may need to add a bed pad designed to improve circulation or aid in your comfort.

Keep your items in hands reach  

It is so frustrating when you want to use something but you need to call someone to help you reach it. Often your belongings are kept on tables or trays that can be moved away by caregivers or family. Try and keep your belongings in an accessible spot that they are unlikely to be moved. To do this you can use your stationary hospital bedside table’s most accessible draw, or get a small tub to put all your items in that you can put somewhere you can always reach.

There are many ways to make your electric hospital bed stay as comfortable as possible. This starts by having an electric adjustable bed that is best suited to your needs. Contact us to create an appointment where we can discuss your electric adjustable bed needs.

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