Moving Yourself or a Loved one into an Age Care Home in Australia

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Deciding to move your loved one, or self into an aged care home can be difficult and often confronting. Often the idea of moving into an aged care home is accompanied by emotions of helplessness and defeat. Even though these emotions are hard to control the reality of moving into an aged care home can be exciting as it is a new, less stressful chapter of life.

There are many ways to make moving into aged care feel less like moving into a hospital, and more like a health and happiness retreat. Before making the move into an aged care home it is important to do extensive research to ensure the place you move to will cater to all the needs of your loved one or yourself.

For more able-bodied and minded patrons activities and opportunities to socialise are very important. The aged care home you choose should offer plenty of opportunities to get out of the electric adjustable bed and into fresh air, gardens, or even just a common seating area with board games and group activities. For those who need more medical care, find a home that facilitates those who can’t leave their electric beds and finds ways to create joy and activity with the comfort of their Aged Care Bed.

Before settling into a decision, be sure to visit and revisit the aged care home you are considering to ensure it is the right one for you. Sit in on a Sunday morning activity session, or stroll through the gardens. Meet some of the nurses and even other patients if permitted. This way when the time comes to move in, you can be assured that you have chosen a community and home that you or your loved one will truly enjoy being a part of.

Personal touches from home will make the new bedroom feel more welcoming once having moved in. Leaving the comfort of your home and all the familiarities that come with it is one of the hardest parts of the move. Taking small items like blankets, pillows, photos and artwork can immediately make your aged care bed feel more like your bed at home.

Possibly the most major factor to feeling comfortable in an aged care home is the comfort that a proper electric adjustable bed can offer. Having the right aged care bed can make the world of difference to your mental, physical and emotional health. An electric bed that doesn’t cater to the physical needs of a patient can impact on their sleep, thus impacting on their emotional wellbeing and ability to be as healthy as possible. A properly fitted, a personalised electric adjustable bed is necessary to make the move to an aged care home less unfamiliar.

To ensure you or your loved one are sleeping on the best quality mattress and electrical adjustable bed frame for any specific needs you may have, Contact Unique Care Australia to browse our extensive range and find what is best suited to you or your loved one in this transition period and new chapter in life.   

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