SafeCare Floor Bed
Bariatric Ward Bed
April 23, 2018
Kids High-Low Bed
Kids High-Low Bed
April 23, 2018


Quality ISO 9001 Certified System Standard inclusions are as per the Acute Bed with the following extra inclusions & changes:
  • Self-help pole and IV pole can only be removed with tools
  • Inbuilt control pad at the foot end
  • Mattress platform sheets can only be removed with tools
  • Tamper-proof screws
  • Non-removable head & foot boards
  • Anti-flex coating on the mains cable
  • Extra ‘fixed’ bed length instead of pull out extension
  • Side rails (cot sides) not removable without tools
  • Round wall bumpers not removable
  • Drainage bag holder must be specified at the time of order (extra charge)
Note: No pipeline surrounds, no gaps and no cabled hand control supplied for added safety.