Standard Adjustable Electric Bed
Standard High/Low Adjustable Electric Bed
April 18, 2018
Acute Mental Health Bed
Acute Bed
April 18, 2018

Australian owned & made means you get superior products backed by our reliable team of technicians right here in Australia


    • High-quality electronics
    • Rounded corners on the mattress base
    • Bedhead and footboard sealed underneath with ABS for infection control
    • Safe flat sheet metal base wraps around bed frame for infection control
    • Compact vacuum moulded covers
    • Self-help pole bracket


  • Electric adjustable bed height
  • Electric adjustable back rest
  • Electric adjustable Trendelenberg tilt
  • Personal push button hand control
  • Patient lock-out magnetic swipe key
  • Headboard colour Vintage White
  • White column covers
  • Removable head and foot boards
  • Full clearance for lifting machines
  • Maximum height 750 mm
  • Minimum height 75 mm
  • Mattress platform: choice of 820 mm x 1920 mm; or 920 mm width available on Request - (check door frame sizes)
  • 10-year structural warranty
  • 5-year electrical warranty


  • Wall bumper and/or round corner buffers
  • Air mattress pump holder
  • An extra length of 2030 mm or 2100 mm
  • King single size 1050 mm x 2030 mm
  • Electric knee bend and foot raise
  • Battery backup
  • Under bed lighting
  • Mattress
  • CPR or Auto Comfort Control button
  • Touch Control pad built into foot end column
  • Self-help pole
  • IV pole and holders
  • Side rails (cot sides)
  • Folding function
  • Set of padded covers for side rails
  • Head and foot boards are also available in various shapes with wood grain or Coloured laminate finish – see our Shapes and colours page

Quality ISO 9001 Certified System

SafeCare trademark

Created by Unique Care, the SafeCare® Floor Bed combines the most advanced safety features with a modern streamlined design. Currently, the lowest floor bed available on the market with a lowered height of only 75 mm to assist in reducing the severity of injury from bed falls. This visually appealing design combines the highest quality components and workmanship with our consistently competitive prices. By buying the Proudly Australian Made SafeCare® Floor Bed direct from our factory floor you get the maximum benefit of our lean production costs, the technical and aesthetic qualities and ultimate after sales service.
(Diagrams not to scale)
Bulky moving columns may jam and break and cause injury to hands and feet as they travel up and/or down Bulky moving columns may obstruct visual monitoring of residents, especially when in the raised position Bulky moving columns may impede residents’ view of their surroundings and increase their sense of isolation


  • Slimline low fixed height columns designed to prevent injury to feet and fingers when raising and lowering the bed.
  • When the mattress platform is raised, our slimline low fixed height end columns remain at the same low fixed height position so they don’t obstruct your view of the resident (see animations at right).
  • Our slimline low fixed height columns do not raise or lower, eliminating the risk of damage to bed by trapped objects or injury to staff or visitors.


  • Now only $3150 (or $3250 with knee bend)
  • Folding style POA – only available with knee bend
  • King single size – POA
  • Custom size – POA
  • Optional 920mm width available at no extra charge


  • When the Mattress platform is raised, the end columns remain at the same low fixed height so they don’t obstruct your view of the resident.
  • Headboard designed to prevent hair entrapment
  • Extra curve design to bed heads
  • Ventilated mattress base
  • Powder coated mattress base sheets wrap around the bed’s frame for extra safety and protection against dirt trapping
  • Sealed bases underneath the head and foot boards for infection control
  • Smooth rounded corners on the bed’s frame at the foot end
  • Compact sanitary grade ABS covers over mech