The Pros and Cons of Electric Adjustable Beds in Melbourne

Choosing the Best Electric Hospital Bed for your needs in Melbourne.
July 20, 2018
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September 18, 2018

At Unique Care in Melbourne, we want to help you choose the best possible electric adjustable beds for your needs so that you get to experience all of the comfort and health benefits of electric hospital beds. And with electric adjustable beds quickly becoming a lifestyle choice for many people in Melbourne and around Australia we have done research and drawn on our experience to provide you with some of the positives and negatives of electric beds.

Firstly, Electric adjustable beds aid blood circulation at night. Owners are able to adjust their electric hospital bed to provide optimal circulation based on their unique needs. Electric beds also enable you to adjust the bed to target problem areas, such as raising the legs up to decrease swelling and increase upper body blood flow.

Electric adjustable beds are also an excellent way to relieve aches and pains by reducing stress exerted on the spine, or other problem areas. The adaptability of electric beds means that weight can be shifted away from aches to provide a better sleep experience, even for those without chronic conditions. Issues such as asthma and acid reflux can be relieved by the slight incline that electric adjustable beds can provide. Sleeping flat your back can be painful and damaging to those with asthma by restricting oxygen intake, the incline of an electric bed keeps airways open. For those battling with acid reflux, a small incline can be all it takes to alleviate the pressure and keep stomach acids at bay. For both conditions, electric adjustable beds can provide a better night’s sleep.

But for those with conditions that limit mobility, electric adjustable beds and hospital beds provide a greater level of independence. Electric hospital beds are designed to allow for easier access without the help of a carer. Our Standard High/Low Adjustable bed are a great standard electric bed which allows you to bring your back up, from there you can use the high/low function to come to a near standing position. Thus reducing the risk of falls.

Finally, our electric adjustable beds are made and constructed here, just outside of Melbourne, Australia to ensure the highest quality and best electric bed prices possible.

It is obvious, so far, that electric hospital beds have many benefits but to make a considered decision you need to look at both sides. So, what are the drawbacks?

Electric adjustable beds are an investment. They are expensive because of their high quality, and their many components, but don’t let the electric bed prices deter you. In reality, it is a small price to pay for greater comfort, safety, independence and health. Moreover, NDIS participants with a great need for specialized beds may discount the expense against their NDIS funds.

The motors, hinges, spring and joints of electric adjustable beds need to be serviced and maintained over time to ensure they are performing at their best – just like your car. All these components also mean that electric beds are heavy and can be hard to move but one or two handymen can quickly fix this problem. So all in all, the benefits of electric beds definitely outweigh their drawbacks.

If you’d like to discuss your electric adjustable bed needs, contact us today.

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