When is the Right Time to Buy Electric Hospital Beds?

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September 4, 2018
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October 11, 2018

In the past electric hospital beds were designed to suit the lifestyle of sick or elderly patients. They had a specific use and a specific customer, with high prices. But these days electric hospital beds are simply called electric beds, because people without specific ailments have discovered the benefits of electric beds in Melbourne. The truth is that any time is the ‘right time’ to buy an electric hospital bed for everyday people because of the extensive benefits for both patients looking for more independence, and everyday people wanting more mobility and adaptability in their bed.

For patients, it is important to invest in an electric hospital bed as soon as possible, before problems such as bed sores, poor circulation or falls occur. Electric bed prices can be high, but investing in an electric bed is a small price to pay for the comfort and safety of patients. Luckily, electric hospital beds can avoid problems such as bed sores and poor circulation by alternating pressure areas, alleviating pain and increasing circulation.

Electric beds have become more accessible to the public and electric bed prices have also dropped. Everyday people are using electric beds to alter and adjust their bed to a better position to take pressure of the head and feet. These electric hospital bed changes allow for movement as well as taking pressure off specific pressure points on the body. This improves the blood circulation of the users whilst in their electric beds.

Electric hospital beds can also provide enormous amounts of comfort and independence for those recovering from certain surgeries that may make it hard to get independently in and out of a regular bed hard. Electric hospital beds are useful for those who may find that repositioning themselves comfortably in a regular bed to be a strenuous, or even dangerous task. At Unique Care in Melbourne, our electric beds allow these patients to gain independence and reposition themselves quickly, easily and safely without the help of carers.

Electric beds can greatly improve quality of life by allowing you to comfortably change the angle or position of the electric bed to one that is less painful for the patient, as well as allowing patients with low mobility to get in and out of bed on their own. This means that investing in electric hospital beds reduces the risk of falls in elderly or less mobile patients.

So, really there is no ‘correct’ time to buy electric beds, as people all over Melbourne and Australia start to understand the benefits of electric beds. However, in the case of patients, investing in an electric hospital bed should be a top priority in order to keep the patient as safe, comfortable and healthy as possible.

If you’d like to discuss our electric beds at Unique Care, or our electric bed prices, please contact us today.

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